Cilantro and Goat Cheese Sweet Potato Mash

Another recipe with goat cheese. It’s goat cheese week! I love side dishes that are packed with flavor and dead easy to make. For this side, you don’t even have to peel the potatoes, as the skins are full of vitamins and fiber and have an earthy taste you wouldn’t want to miss.

We had this for lunch with a creamy leek toast. (For that, cook some leeks in butter; once soft, add a bit of cream; bubble away, then pop it on toasted bread; top with cheese and broil in the oven.)
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Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Leek Quiche

I promised Eggton a recipe with bacon. What I came up with is a really tasty quiche that’s packed with flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or cold as a perfect breakfast, or you can serve it up for lunch with a bit of salad. Make it a day or two in advance if you’re going to be pressed for time – it keeps well. If you can’t stand blue cheese, use any kind that you prefer.
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Cheddar Perogies with Sage Butter Sauce

You can serve perogies with any kind of sauce or none at all, they’re amazing on their own. For this recipe, I went with a sage butter sauce because, well, it’s just ridiculously good. Making your own perogies from scratch is quite a process, but you can always make double the recipe and freeze the surplus. Either way, the time you spend making perogies is definitely time well spent.
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Goat Cheese, Walnut and Apple Salad

Here’s a quick and healthy salad fix. The goat cheese and walnuts are really the major flavors here – that’s why the vinaigrette is so simple.
This takes about 5 minutes to put together.
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Baked Brie

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Pizza On My Mind

I started making pizza from scratch after growing tired of the over-loaded, greasy kind – you know the one you get in restaurants, usually made with the same frozen dough and ready-made sauce. Even high-end pizza joints use it. That’s why they lack personality and they all taste the same. Dough and sauce are the two most important factors of a great pie – with, of course, the cheese. So making your own is so much tastier and healthier (that’s always good).
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